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What Others are Saying About the 30-Minute Reboot

Karen Culver

“We really enjoyed the lunch and had a great time learning some good information about how to boost energy and productivity.  It was very practical and easy to understand.”

Karen Culver "Delicious and FUN!"
Russell Brunsen

“I was so impressed with how much value the 30 minute Reboot provided my company. We are always looking for ways to increase our productivity & performance and this workshop gave us some powerful, practical tools for doing just that.”

Russell Brunsen "Insane Value!"
Matt Huff

“I was blown away by the information in the 30-Min Reboot!  This workshop is a powerful way to help your employees change their lives.”

Matt Huff "Awesome Workshop"

What is the 30-Minute Reboot?

The 30-Minute Reboot Will Change Your Life

The 30 Minute Reboot workshop was designed to help address some of the most common health problems that we encounter on a daily basis.

In one way or another every single one of us experience stress, fatigue, and pain which will inevitably impact our performance at work and in many other areas of our life.

Instead of chasing each one of these problems with all sorts of complicated strategies, we have created one of the most elegant and simple solutions through the 30 Minute Reboot.

In this workshop, Dr. Groulx will share a plan that is backed by solid research and clinical experience.  You will learn how to quickly and effectively solve these problems, improve your health and change your life forever!

Through some powerful and little known secrets you will learn how to quickly and effectively boost energy, reduce stress and anxiety and live a healthy, pain-free life!  We look forward to sharing this incredible workshop with you soon!

THREE Secrets to Naturally Reduce Stress, Boost Energy and Eliminate Pain Through:

  • SECRET #1

    Learn why so many people don’t get the results they want from exercise.  We will teach an incredible secret that will allow you to make your exercise far more efficient in far less time, and that will help you effectively eliminate pain, soreness and stiffness while increasing your overall function.

  • SECRET #2

    We will teach you how to dramatically increase brain function and mental clarity using this powerful strategy. In just 10 minutes per day using this secret you can effectively boost your mood, increase your motivation and dramatically increase your performance at work, school or wherever!

  • SECRET #3

    Get ready to learn a quick, easy, delicious and super healthy fueling secret designed to give you a huge boost of sustained energy throughout the day and at the same time turn your body into a fat burning furnace so you can shed those unwanted pounds, fast!

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